Who are we, and why hire us?

We specialize in building Lean Operational Excellence in Canadian Business.
Much more than a “Lean” team – we understand your success depends on high performing leaders and engaged employees.
We will help you build the 3 pillars of Lean Operational Excellence:

  1. Leadership Excellence
  2. Process Improvement – including Supply Chain performance improvement
  3. Employee Engagement & positive workplace culture

Lean Operational Excellence Network
Why hire us?

We can help you if:

  • Chronic quality, delivery, or cost over-runs are impeding your metrics
  • You want to strengthen your leadership team and harness the power of your workforce to drive a step-change in operational performance
  • You are poised to scale your business and need more robust systems in place ASAP
  • You have taken on a senior management or investment position and want an independant assessment of current state
  • You know Lean and Operational Excellence Management Systems will help your business, but can’t afford dedicated headcount to make it happen
  • Your supply chain needs help to stop their quality and delivery from impacting your business

Our Operational Excellence Network gives Canadian Business access to a suite of Lean and Leadership experts who can support your growth and your success. We focus on adding value to your organization and your drive toward Operational Excellence through;

  • Vision and Quantifiable Roadmap development
  • Performance metric tracking & visualization
  • Current State Diagnostics
  • Leadership development (Coaching & Training)
  • Lean Walk / Team Huddle Systems
  • Value Stream Mapping & Future State Design
  • Problem Solving (Facilitation & Methods Training)
  • Standard Work Instruction (Development and Training)
  • Employee Empowerment / Engagement
  • Supply Chain Performance Resolution
  • Lean / Continuous Improvement Training

Contact us for a free consultation, or arrange for an on-site assessment and take the next step towards your goals.