Lean Process Development

Let us help you eliminate waste in your process. Toyota defined 3 broad categories that apply to any process: Muda, Mura, and Muri.

The simplest, Muda, looks at 7 specific types of waste like excess inventory/backlog, unplanned downtime, and quality defects. Our team can facilitate workshops in Gemba – where the work happens – whether it’s an office or the shop floor, helping your team identify and resolve waste. Our workshops are highly collaborative, so your team learns how to spot and remove these types of waste themselves in the future.

Mura is caused by unevenness in workload. Muri is the waste of overburden or “unreasonableness.” We can help resolve these too with Every-Part-Every-Interval (EPEI) planning systems, Change-over Wheels (CoW) and Machine Type Assignment (MTA) systems. These can all be implemented with very little investment – with the added benefit that your team learns these incredibly valuable production system tools so they can apply them to other lines and value streams. We are strong believers in enabling your teams to continuously improve. This is a critical element of Operational Excellence!

Another classic tool we can help you with to ensure you have an efficient and well designed process is Value Stream Mapping & Design. We focus on what constitutes value to your customer, and ensure each step of your process is connected to maximize this and only this. Let us facilitate Value Stream Mapping and Design with your team to create an optimal product flow. There are also exciting new digital value stream simulation tools that we can offer to really harness the full potential of your people and resources.