On-Site Assessment

We offer a unique 1/2 day “OpEx Compass Check” that gives you an honest and independent review of your current state. You will receive a formal, written evaluation of your:

  • Vision and KPI Flowdown,
  • Leadership Alignment, and
  • Employee Engagement

Our more comprehensive “Strategic Success Assessment” also evaluates your current state:

  • Lean Process Flow and
  • Problem Solving Effectiveness

Collectively, these elements have the power to lift business from being merely competitive, to outstanding.

Based on your current state assessment, we can recommend improvements – and local professionals who can help – to accelerate your path to Operational Excellence.

If your Supply Chain is your current “pain-point” we can also be deployed on your behalf to work with your supplier in a collaborative but purposeful way to identify and remove systemic issues impeding your progress.

Let’s talk! We will tailor a solution to your excact needs, and bring the best resources our Network of professionals has to offer to help you succeed.